My Teaching Philosophy

Christopher Basso photographed by Walter Briski, Jr.


  • Promote a positive, life affirming experience for the student


  • Find balance between the “work” part of learning and the “fun” part of playing


  • Personalize the learning process to fit the needs of the student


  • Incorporate technical exercises into the practice schedule, using the technical hurdles found within the music itself as the basis for developing individualized drills


  • Strengthen your virtuosity by developing a strong sense of rhythm, dynamic range, shaping of phrases, and effortless changes of articulation


  • Perform for an audience as the final step of the process

As a classically-trained pianist with over 20 years of music-related and teaching experience, I have worked with students of all ages, from novice to the advanced player.


My goal as an educator is to impart in my students a lifelong appreciation and aesthetic sense for music, to help nurture creative intellectual inquiry and practice, and guide students in finding a medium for self-expression while striving for personal and musical fulfillment of the highest artistic caliber.

My teaching philosophy is based on fostering a love for imaginative self-expression, using the creative process to put musical vision into practice, helping students develop effective practicing skills and understanding the value of daily practice in music.

I encourage independent thinking, creative inquiry, self-empowerment and experimentation, while providing an understanding of Western classical music and music theory, as well as the highest quality of instruction in piano technique and musical expression, practice skills and performance. I guide my students to develop emotional awareness, build poise and confidence, and strong communicative performance skills.

Unleash your creativity and begin the adventure of a lifetime

Your lifelong musical journey begins with a single step

- Christopher Basso


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